Fantastic Beaches and Where to Find Them.

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Did you get the Harry Potter reference? You’re welcome.

Last summer I went on a package holiday for the first time. We flew to Sardinia, Italy for a few days and stayed at an all-inclusive hotel. Here’s what to do (and what not to do) while travelling to this beautiful island.

The biggest DON’T while staying in Sardinia, or any place in Italy for that matter, is choosing the all-inclusive option.  Going out for food in Italy is delicious, usually inexpensive, and simply part of the overall experience. By staying at your hotel during the entire trip, you’ll miss out on meeting the locals and stumbling upon amazing restaurants or cafés. The reason I chose to ignore my own advice is because our hotel didn’t offer any other deals.

Our hotel was located in Castelsardo, a small town near the ocean. It has plenty of restaurants and bars, good public transport services and lots of public beaches that aren’t too crowded. It also has a very cozy and chill spa where you can book amazing massages (I highly recommend). Link to their website: Spa Riviera.

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetSassari, capital of Sardinia

Top 5 things to do in Sardinia:

  1. Go (scuba) diving! Sardinia has incredible beaches with the clearest water you’ve ever seen.
  2. Visit Asinara National Park. There’s an even smaller island next to Sardinia that’s inhabited by tiny albino donkeys. Unfortunately, all of the tours were already booked when I tried to get one, so book in advance!
  3. Plan a trip to Sassari, the capital of Sardinia. It’s only a 1,5 hour bus drive to Sassari from Castelsardo and tickets were only €3,- for a two-way trip, which is insane. This city has great architecture (see picture above), shops, a university and a beautiful park with lots of palm trees in it.
  4. Go beach hunting! My biggest regret is not renting a car when I was in Sardinia. The island has so many beautiful beaches, just take a look on TripAdvisor!
  5. If you’ve never had a traditional spaghetti alla Carbonara, order one! It’s honestly one of my favorite dishes. I’ve got a pretty good recipe that I’ll be posting on here soon, but it never tastes as good as it does in Italy!

IMG_4812Sardinia looks like a tropical island, except there’s no scary wildlife

Place to be in Sassari

My favourite bar on the island was actually in Castelsardo, but that sounded more fun. It’s called “Sale e pepe”, which means “Salt and pepper” – that’s just about it for my knowledge of the Italian language. We mostly went there for cocktails in the evenings, they have the best Long Islands everrr.

img_5562.jpgCan’t believe I still had this after 6 months – does that make me messy or organized?

So, if you’d like to go somewhere sunny and affordable, but not too “touristy”, I’d definitely recommend going to Sardinia! Have you ever been to Sardinia or do you plan on going there? Let me know in the comments! I’d also love to answer any questions you may have!

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