“What hall are you in? Alright, it will be just to your left. Here’s your key, don’t lose it or we’ll have to charge you a £30 fee to replace it.”

Well, first of all, if you tell me not to lose something, I will most definitely lose it within the first 2 seconds of having it. Second of all, it took me nearly 20 minutes to find room 12A – the room that was supposedly just to my left.

Then, after the initial shock that was discovering I didn’t have a private bathroom, I started unpacking. Now, this may not come as a surprise to the people that know me, but I soon realised my clothes weren’t going to fit into the wooden shoe box the accomodation people call a wardrobe. I even had to put up a rope from my door to my curtain rod to funtion as a washing line because there simply wasn’t anywhere else to put it. In sum, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

But I loved it.

The scenery is absolutely beautiful, I’ve made some amazing new friends, and Hull – where I live now – has a lot to offer; from great restaurants and shopping centres to a huge aquarium.

Processed with VSCO with ss1 preset
“The Deep”, a huge aquarium just outside Hull’s city centre

The first trip I went on was visiting the ice trail in York. We looked at some incredible ice sculptures and also did some sightseeing while we were there. The Minster, that has been a symbol of the city since the 7th century, is simply breathtaking. It’s definitely worth visiting if you ever have the chance.

Processed with VSCO with ss1 preset
The Minster in York

In other news: I had my first ever fish&chips, I watched the Super Bowl for the first time and I find the Yorkshire accent very, very difficult to understand.

It’s been 3 amazing weeks filled with adventures and great stories, but I’ll save that for another time!

In the meantime, go follow my instagram account @reneegoesaway to see more of my pictures! Thank you for reading, see you next time!

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