What did the Loch Ness Monster say to his friend? 
“Long time no sea.”

Yeah I’m sorry about that, I had no idea how to start this post.

Anywaaayy, for the past week I’ve been on a road trip through the UK. I’d been planning it for a while and decided to visit the following three places in Scotland: Edinburgh, Inverness and Glasgow. To work out what exactly I wanted to see while I was there, I went to the book store to buy a Lonely Planet travel guide, opened it, tried to read a page and closed it again because the font was impossibly small and there wasn’t a single illustration.                                                                                                                       So, I decided to do the planning the old-fashioned way by Googling: “Things to do in Scotland”.


On Friday, me and my dad drove from Kingston upon Hull to Edinburgh. We made a quick stop at Alnwick Castle, which was used as a shooting location for numerous scenes in the Harry Potter movies.


The Courtyards were used to film Hogwarts students going about their daily lives.

We only had one day in Edingburgh, so I decided to make the most out of it by doing something I’d wanted to do since I had first heard about it (which was that same morning, but that’s not important), and that was touching Hume’s toe. Philosophy students used to rub the toe of David Hume’s statue for good luck on upcoming exams. The toe has been touched so many times it has actually changed colour.

Processed with VSCO with b1 preset

The woman to my left looks like touching the toe has completely transformed her life. I’m happy for her.


Inverness is a relatively small town close to the Loch Ness lake. You can tell by the prices of hotel rooms.

Let me answer your question right away: No, I did not spot the Loch Ness monster.  I know, I’m disappointed too.

What I did spot were some beautiful sights. The views are absolutely stunning.


Fun fact: The entire world population could fit into the Loch Ness lake over 15 times. It’s also deeper than the North Sea!


Our last stop in Scotland was Glasgow, the country’s second biggest city. We drove from Inverness to Glasgow through the Scottish highlands, which were nothing like I expected them to be. I saw approximately 3 trees on the entire way over there, probably thanks to the strong winds pulling everything that dares to grow out there out of the ground. Also, after driving through the highlands for about 4 hours I realised I hadn’t seen a single highlander cow and started to wonder why they were called that if they weren’t even there. Just when I asked my dad about it, I saw some of them staring at our car and I’m pretty sure they did it on purpose.

So after getting mocked by a bunch of cows we finally arrived at our hotel in Glasgow and started exploring the city. Now, I’m not usually a big fan of visiting museums, so I like to look for unusual things to see whenever I’m travelling to new places. I’d read about the “Necropolis” in Glasgow – a graveyard that holds over 50.000 graves – and was immediatly intriqued. All of the tombstones were huge, some were even decorated and painted on.


“Necropolis” literally translates to “City of the Dead”.

After we’d walked around in the Necropolis for a while, my dad drove us through the city centre to get to the second unusual sight in Glasgow: The Duke of Wellington with a traffic cone on his head.

Believe it or not, the traffic cone didn’t use to be what the Duke was famous for. He also defeated Napoleon and his army at the Battle of Waterloo.            During a night out, a student put a traffic cone of top of the statue. Every time the city council tried to take it off, someone else would simply put up a new one.


It was about time the horse got one too.

Well, that was it for the Scotland part of the road trip! Hope to see you again in my next post about England!

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